Sunday, January 24, 2010

Posts coming...

I have been really good at taking photos - just not so good at posting them.  I have a bunch on the camera right now, but everything is helter skelter because we're packing for our *BIG* move on the 30th... YAY!!!!!  That'll be a gratitude item for SURE!!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

day 14 - my new Starbucks coffee tumbler

i'm not a starbucks addict, not even a coffee addict (i only drink an average of 1 cup a day)... but i LOVE this coffee mug. it's a "design-your-own" one... so i stamped with my new stamps. i don't think the casing is big enough to put photos in it, like it's intended for, only if you printed them out on the computer... which i DO intend to do, after we've moved, and i have 5 minutes to work out a digital template. :)

photo: colour temp down SLIGHTLY

day 13 - bananas

i'm anaphylactically allergic to alot of fresh fruits, so bananas are one of the only fruits that i can enjoy in the great white north that aren't stupid expensive during the winter. good thing i LOVE them. :)

photo: no changes

day 12 - my boys' kitchen unit

this toy is so darn cute, and it's teaching my boys that it's ok for men to cook. their daddy is a GREAT example, as he does most of the cooking now, but before i got a job outside the home, my boys LOVED to "help" mummy make dinner - and now they have their own little kitchen.

photo: temp down and brightness up

day 11 - my grama's house

Ok, so I'm not grateful for this CARPET per se... This is the carpet in "our" living room in the basement. It's older than I am. :D

On 30 Jan, we'll be finally moving into our own place, after 18 full months of living under my grama's roof. It hasn't been easy, but I couldn't possibly be more grateful for the roof over our heads.

photo: no changes.

day 10 - Psalm 23

Okay, so I've been bad... I have been taking my pics, but just not uploading them... so tired at the end of the day, and no energy to climb over the boxes of stuff to get to my computer.  But, no excuse, I need to pull up my socks.

Our Pastor did a sermon on Psalm 23 on Sunday, and it's a GREAT pick-me-up when you're going through tough times.

photo: had to turn down colour temp.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 - Stampin' Up!'s new easy-to-store clear mount stamps

Had a FANTASTIC open house today in conjunction with my friend TH who is an Epicure consultant, so I HAVE to have something Stampin' Up! to be grateful for today.  ('cause it's just on the brain, mmmmm, a BIT.)

Okay, so I'm a paper-crafting nut.  I've never denied that.  But these new stamps just rock my world.  In case you did NOT know, I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, and have been, for about 4 months now.  I LOVE IT.  And I get silly, giddy, hyper-active, you NAME it, when I get new goodies.  It's like Christmas and my birthday, ALL THE TIME.

So anyway.  These new clear-mount stamps are a God-send for people like me that are a) organisationally challenged, and b) space challenged.  Now they're all in these slim dvd cases... oh SNAP!

And it doesn't help that with each new design they come out with, I get giddy too.  ;)

Photo: upped shadows (slightly), colour temp down, and contrast up.  Seems pretty standard to be making those adjustments based on my flash and the lighting in our house. :)